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[at-l] Forest Deal may be in jeapardy

From my daily news:

Forest Deal May Be in Jeopardy

December 18, 1998 01:13:00 AM) SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - Two years of 
negotiations over the fate of an ancient redwood forest broke down 
Thursday when a lumber company accused the government of trying to  put 
it out of business. 

Pacific Lumber Co. said an attempt to prevent it from cutting timber 
near waterways as part of a deal to spare the largest privately owned 
stand of ancient redwoods in the world was unacceptable. 

``We simply could not agree to a package that would threaten our ability 
to survive and provide job security,''  Pacific Lumber President John 
Campbell said. 

Federal authorities ``are now evaluating their options and deciding on 
the next steps,'' the Interior Department said. 

U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who brokered the deal between Pacific Lumber 
and the government, planned to meet with the parties on Monday in an 
effort to revive the talks. 

Pacific had agreed to sell 10,000 acres of land for $480 million to 
California and the federal government, which is trying to save groves of 
1,500-year-old redwoods in the Headwaters Forest about 300 miles north 
of San Francisco. 

But in recent negotiations, federal authorities said that in return for 
the money, Pacific would have to limit logging near waterways on the 
200,000 acres of land it is not selling. 

The company has refused, but the deal must be wrapped up in the next few 
days to allow enough time for public comment and revision. Federal 
funding for the agreement expires on March 1. 

Pacific said the deal was not dead. 

``It means that negotiations are at a stalemate. It doesn't mean that 
it's all over,'' Pacific Lumber spokeswoman Mary Bullwinkel said. 

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