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RE: [at-l] hiker anon

Hi Jim and AT-L'ers

I hope that all is well inside the beltway.

I lost all of the data on my hard drive - e-mail addresses, bookmarks, saved
posts to the list, everything.
So... I could use a little help.
I'm looking for some snail mail and e-mail addresses: Rufus and Yahoola
AT-97, Also, Mr. Mingo and Peggy-O and Yokel. Uncle Milt.

Some Web sites: The view from Mt. Washington. Jim's thru hiking papers.
Kathy Bilton's AT homepage.

Some posts: Jim's recent thru hiking papers. A post from somebody who wanted
help with IT Band Syndrome. And somebody had some questions about family
dynamics and thru hiking.

I know that I'm forgetting a lot of stuff that I had, but this will help get
me back on track again.

I've got a bad case of Springer Fever in December.

Good Hiking to All...

All The Way '97


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