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Re: [at-l] Slik Sleeping Bag Liners

>     Just a couple simple questions for all the gear experts on this list.
>  I've been thinking about getting a silk sleeping bag liner to complement my
>  20 deg down bag when it is extremely cold and to be used alone when it is
>  only a little cold out.  I do most of my backpacking in Florida and even
>  when it is "cold" down here the down bag is overkill.

I believe a silk liner may best be used to keep the inside of your sleeping
bag clean, but don't think it would help very much for warmth.  On the other
hand a fleece liner would help keep you warm.  Lots of hikers used these
during the summer instead of a regular bag when the tempertures got warmer.
Beware, it can get cold any time of the year in the mountains, especially at
higher elevations.  When it did get cold, with only a fleece blanket and using
a shelter, I would throw my tent over me and I had no problems.  Likewise,
when tenting and the tempertures were low, I'd use my ground cloth inside the
tent over my fleece blanket to keep me warm.  

Most people send their sleeping bags home anywhere from just after Mt. Rogers
to Wanyesboro and go with the fleece bags, but suffer some cold nights.
Although, I'm not sure if they picked up on throwing their tents over them

A mummy style fleece bag liner would probably work best.  I know at Trail Days
'97 these were sold for thirty dollars, I wish I had bought one.  I'm not sure
if the same people were selling them this year, but you can expect to pay more
at an outfitter.

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