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RE: [at-l] Slik Sleeping Bag Liners

I use the liner by itself in Florida during the summer. It isn't warm enough for anything much below 55 degrees, even in Florida. It weighs about 4 oz., your mileage may vary depending upon brand.
Lee I Joe
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Just a couple simple questions for all the gear experts on this list.  I've been thinking about getting a silk sleeping bag liner to complement my 20 deg down bag when it is extremely cold and to be used alone when it is only a little cold out.  I do most of my backpacking in Florida and even when it is "cold" down here the down bag is overkill.
What is the approx. weight of a silk liner?
What temperature could you use it in (without a sleeping bag) and still keep warm?  (Let's assume tent usage.)
Thanks in advance for all the great responses ;)