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Re: [at-l] update

     Sure puts a little ITBS in perspective, doesn't it? YIKES!
     (But please rest assured that all of us here are taking a pause to 
     send positive vibes your way. We all wish that everyone valued the 
     spirit of adventure, of effort and conquest, and had the appreciation 
     for the magically constructed natural world we're privileged to 
     travel. Not everyone does. But to know that someone who does have the 
     spirit and who does appreciate their world is not able to get out and 
     DO and LOVE it all -- well that gives us a reason to pause and wish 
     mightily for your health. So

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Subject: [at-l] update
Author:  Linda Bertoncini <linda_vb@bellsouth.net> at ima
Date:    12/17/98 12:13 AM

Thank you to of the folks from this site 
who have been so supportive.  Waiting for 
the results of the MRI of my brain. Had 2 
scans tonight as my balance is getting 
worse rapidly, falling
frequently.  Very discouraging but I 
know that I will get out there on the 
trail soon.  Guess it is better to wait 
until the balance is better so I don't 
fall of a mountain top, don't you
think?  Just taking it one day at a
time.  All of the positives and "warm 
fuzzies" sure help!  Linda
Linda V. Bertoncini, R.N.,B.A.
Member of Doulas of North America
Blessed Beginnings: A Doula Service
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