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[at-l] For Sale or Trade: two Integral Designs "South Wall" bivies

     I have two beautiful sky blue bivies, regular length, from Integral 
     Designs which I would like to sell OR TRADE. Their sky blue color is 
     truly beautiful, but not at all in keeping with the forest green of 
     the other two bivies which the Alison, Tom, Connor & Cole Year 2000 
     2000 mile Expedition will be using. These are VERY LIGHTLY used (read 
     "twice") and available at $112.5/each, you ship. That's 75% retail. 
     Trades, of course, should be in similar "newer" shape, (but GREEN!).
     Check them out on the web (@ IntegralDesigns.com??). Great company, 
     the bivie itself is 1.5 pounds, urethane coated bottom, ToddTex (tough 
     waterproof/breathable 3 ply laminate) top, head-level opening (unlike 
     OR's which require you to crawl past any gear you care to sleep with 
     while entering) with no-see-um netting, and enough room above your 
     head to store boots, breakfast, and the morning's clothes. No hoops, 
     stakes, or tie-offs; rolls to about 4x14". Simply put, if you can lay 
     down, "you're home!"
     I used a bivie just like the ID South Col (a South Wall with 
     head-hoop) while throughhiking the AT in '79, but found, even in the 
     rain, that I really didn't use the hoop, so am opting for a South Wall 
     this time around. Will sell single or both, let me know of interest.
     Proud Member of the 
     80cc Y2K2K Expedition.

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