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[at-l] getting tired of a tu tu??

Guess what Solar Bear's showing up in for next year's Gathering?

OVERIJSE, Belgium (Reuters) - Dior, Lagerfeld and Versace eat
                                    your heart out. A Belgian horticulturist
has come up with the
                                    ultimate ecological fashion statement to
give your loved one this
                                    Christmas: a skirt made of live grass.

                                    The clothes -- skirts, tops and dresses
-- are the idea of Luc
                                    Mertes, who lives in the Belgian town of

                                    The grass is grown on jute matting,
instead of earth, for about 25
                                    days, and is then made into garments
which continue to grow
                                    while you wear them.

                                    The end product is striking, if not
comfortable: the clothes weigh
                                    several kilograms (pounds) and the water
needed to keep the
                                    grass alive makes them quite damp.

                                    "It's a bit of a joke, really," said
Mertes, who tells the friends for
                                    whom he makes the clothes: "Make sure
you water your skirt
                                    once a day and mow it once a month." 

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