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[at-l] Esbit Fuel Tab Update

The response to my proposal on the two AT lists earlier to do a bulk
wholesale purchase of Esbit fuel tabs has been phenomenal.  It seems like
'99 will be the year that many more hikers will attempt to go light in the
stove/fuel area.

I've e-mailed everyone privately who responded, I think, with a final $$
amount.    In case I missed anyone please contact me via e-mail:

In fact, if anyone new wants to be a part of this please read the details
below and respond with your payment, address, etc. by 1/5/99.

To recap, I'm organizing a wholesale purchase of Esbit fuel tabs in case
lots.  There are 12 tabs to a box, 12 boxes to a case.  Retail value of a
case is $72 through Campmor, plus shipping/handling charges.  I am proposing
to re-sell to folks on the AT lists in case lots at $36 per case (1/2 off,
exactly what the wholesaler will charge me) plus packaging/shipping charges.
(The wholesaler has instituted a four-case minimum order so as to steer
consumers to retailers. This bulk purchase is the only way to get the price
down for listers since who could really use four cases individually?)

After taking a case to the P.O., it turns out to weigh 6 lbs.  I was told
cost of shipping 6 lbs. by Priority Mail will run $8 per case to the most
distant point on the list, somewhat less to those closer.  (Parcel Post
wasn't much cheaper, BTW.)  However, I will incur a few miscellaneous costs
in this endeavor so for simplicity's sake I'm going to call it $8 per case
S/H for everyone.

On my end, it will be easier to run this through my business, Page Printing
Connection, Inc.   Additionally, the wholesaler would prefer to deal with a
business entity, not an individual.  Also better to run it through my
company's books.

So, those interested, please send a check or money order (sorry, no credit
card capability and please don't send cash) for $36.00 per case plus $8.00
per case packaging/shipping to Page Printing Connection, Inc., at the
snail-mail address noted below.  Include the mail address you will want the
fuel tabs sent to.  If it's a Virginia address, please include $1.62 per
case state tax (4.5% on the product).

All orders received and paid for by 1/5/99 will be included in the order
sent to the manufacturer.  There are two folks already committed who have a
sooner-rather-than-later need for their tabs, so this date won't be
extended.  It is a one-time bulk purchase; I don't anticipate doing this
again for a couple of years, if ever.  However, if someone else would like
to do the same as I'm doing a few months from now I'd be happy to share the
wholesale info I have.

I don't know how long it will take the wholesaler to get the order to me.  I
will make every effort to get the orders in the mail to you within a week of
my receipt from the wholesaler.

Please note that all the $$ figures quoted above are PER CASE.  You can
order as many cases as you wish, but in case lots only (no partial cases).

Happy holidays,

Skyline (a/k/a Jim Austin)

Page Printing Connection, Inc.
297 Rhodes Way
Luray, VA 22835
Voice: (540) 743-1355 (home)
Fax: (540) 743-1257
e-mail: skyline@shentel.net

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