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Re: [at-l] Harpers Ferry to Springer Moutain Flip Flop Due t

     One way to boil down your question, John, is 
     Which will see the cold/snow latest, Shenandoah or the Smokies? I 
     don't know from boo really, but my guess would be Shenandoah -- that 
     northness would beat highness. Doesn't mean it won't snow on you in 
     the Smokies just for spite! (Hell, I got nailed by 6" of blowing snow 
     on Mt Rogers right after sending my pants and fiberpile home -- 
     Memorial Day Weekend!!!) I think that means that you'll have to expect 
     snow either way. I'll be interested in what others observe, for sure!
     As far as snow/lightweight boots go, a pair of gaiters will go a long 
     way to ward off snow-induced disability. The likelihood of severe 
     post-holing snow is much less than the likelihood of 12" or less....

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Subject: [at-l] Harpers Ferry to Springer Moutain Flip Flop Due to We
Author:  John O <johno@mail.monmouth.com> at ima
Date:    12/15/98 3:38 PM

Hi Folks,
March 1, 1999 is my planned start of hike for my 99 thru-hike.
I would like feedback on a suggestion made to me about starting at Harpers 
Ferry, heading south to Springer Mountain then flip flop to Harpers Ferry 
and heading north.  This would allow me the ability to have a gentler hike 
for quite awhile?  Enable me the ability to get in condition at a easier 
pace.  I'm 52 with a history of multiple back surguries.  This would also 
mean I wouldn't experience the same degree of cold weather, snow and ice as 
I wouldn't be at higher elevations as much?  
I've decided to hike in trail running shoes so if it snows a couple of 
inches were talking a no miles day.  From several journals I've read  a 
number of days were 0 days due to snow and extreme cold in GA, NC at higher 
elevations in early March.     
Spring does come earlier in GA than MD, but MD and Virginia trail are at a 
lower elevation for quite awhile.
I appreciate any suggestions.
Have a good one.
John F.O'Mahoney
E=mail: johno@mail.monmouth.com
John O's Ultralight Backpacking Page: 
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