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Re: [at-l] A Nifty Gifty

O.K. I am a hiker AND a birder :-)

The Audubon Clock is the cheap ugly one. 

I have the first one that came out and it is more expensive but much
prettier. The birds are different than the Audubon clock but they sing
just as pretty. My kids now know 12 bird calls by heart and when asked
what time it is they usually answer with something like half past
Cardinal or quarter of Titmouse and you have to remember which number the
bird is on!

I love mine!


P.S. I saw a commercial the other day for the watch!

On Mon, 14 Dec 1998 15:55:50 -0800 kahley7 <kahley7@ptd.net> writes:
>Ok..this is not trail related but if you have someone who is
>hard to buy for, this might work.  I received an early present.......
>one of those singing bird clocks.  I'd seen them on the tube and in
>and thought them hokey as hell.
>I have never had a clock in the house (other than the &%^#%^*
>and don't wear a watch.  If I need to find the time, I check my
>computer.  I
>find clocks an intrusion.....ok...I'm weird.
>But this clock sounds the hours with tufted titmouses and sparrows.
>Midnight/noon is a hoo hoo hoo hoot.  Geese honk, peckers peck...
>sparrows and orioles and cardinals....they all
>sing in my kitchen.  My favs are six and eight o'clock..glorious!
>The clock itself is pretty ugly....the most plastic looking wood grain
>I've ever seen. (I think I receivedt the cheapest model)
>and after a decent intervale I_will_paint it green.  But I know that
>before too
>long I'll be thinking about time as a quarter to wren or half past
>I just love it....now if they only made a watch that would do
>BTW...I understand there are several manufacturers....I have the one
>is blessed by the Audoban society with the owl at 12o'clock.
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