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Re: [at-l] tough feet can be a problem

I had the same problem last spring.  Being a diabetic, I have to be careful
about my feet.  I used hand lotion every night on them and it seemed to 
keep them soft and the cracks went away.


> me feet get very hard and thick skined. you might think this is a good thing
> but they get so hard and thick at the heels that in fact the skin cracks.
> and it is quite painful when it does happen. it normaly cracks right after
> winter end and right after winter starts. Only twice a year but i am afraid
> the wear and tear on my feet might casue it to happen on a thruhike.  Does
> any one have a similar problem and/or have any suggestons as to what i can
> do to stop this while on the trail.  i am afraid the wounds may get
> bothersome and maybe even dangerous while on the trail.  I have talked to my
> doctor about it and he had nothing constructive to saw but make sure it does
> not get infected.  he told me not to worry about the skin and it was just me
> but nothign medcally wrong like and infection or a diesese<sp? sickness>.
> BotleNeck
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