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RE: [at-l] Mountain Roamer and The Kids

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> >On Friday Kurt said:  Let us know when anyone hears from Roamer...
> Mountain Roamer rejoined "The Kids" (BugBite, Mighty Dog, Pokey, and
> Technical Difficulties) on Springer on Saturday( or maybe she was one of
> those who joined them Friday night).  She has been with the girls ever
> since and will be taking the train north tonight with Mighty Dog and Pokey
> while BugBite flies to California and Tech stays home in Georgia.
> This is one great bunch of kids!!  but of course I am prejudiced . . .
> Mama BugBite
Hi, I enjoyed your log that you left at Tricorner, or was yours, the one at
Cosby? Oh well, it seems like I know you all just from reading your entries.

Sorry to hear your trip is over. Even if you are glad now, you will miss it
soon enough...

Lee I Joe

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