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RE: [at-l] A Nifty Gifty

My wife bought one of these as a Christmas present for her father who is an
avid bird watcher. We have had it her in our house for over a month now. It
lived in the office at first. That didn't last long. I couldn't even begin
to concentrate. Now it is buried in the present closet (my closet) so that
every time I walk into it I am greeted with tick, tick, tick, peweet!

Oh well, it is better than the Robby the Robot four Christmases ago. This
child's toy had a wonderful vocabulary, was sound actuated, possessed
wonderful hearing - and no "off" switch. He would be on the shelf in the
closet with the door shut and the air conditioner would kick on - "Hi, I'm
Robby, let's play...". Needless to say, he had an operation, nurse pass the
screwdriver, soldering iron please....

Lee I Joe

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