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Re: [at-l] A Nifty Gifty

Known in my little community of Springvale, Maine, as the
"clockmaker without a watch", I returned home to find my
wife adjusting the position of one of these "talking" bird

"There, isn't that wild?" she beamed.

"Wild" wasn't the adjective I was thinking of.  Noon
clicked, and a "hoot-hoot...hoot-hoot...hoot-hoot" echoed
through the kitchen.  Our sleeping cat jumped from her cozy
corner on the couch, obviously having had an encounter with
one of these elegant birds some night in the past.

I tried to nod in approval, but it was a unconvincing lie.
This clock remains on the wall, sounding out the hours, and
disturbing the cat.  What makes it worse is when my wife
demonstrates each bird call to customers who come to the
shop.  In addition, she put in some of those longer lasting
"Bunny" batteries.

Last night I overheard my son as he exclaimed he had seen a
"bird watch" advertised on one of the home shopping

"Lord, please give me a tree to hug."

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And whose cruel idea was it to put an "S" in the word

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