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[at-l] Cross posting

Hi all,

There is a way to cross post to ATML and at-l without causing 
administrative problems for Wingfoot.  When addressing the message, send 
it to yourself and then "blind" cc (bcc) the message to the ATML and 
at-l lists.  Do not send it to one list and blind cc the other.  That 
will defeat the purpose of this method.

I did not cross post this message because most people for whom this is 
relevent would be on both lists and would therefore get it twice anyway.  
Per Wingfoot's suggestion, I'll try to put this information in an 
appropriate Trailplace forum once I figure out the best place to put it.

If you have any questions about blind cc that cannot be answered by the 
help available with your email program, please feel free to email me 
privately.  Questions about using your mailer are not AT related.

Thanks for listening,


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