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Re: [at-l] fleece vs down

>    Fleece is hard to beat when you take only one jacket. I have been
>layers of fleece the past few WINTERS. In my never ending gear weenie
>search and ultra light endeavors I'm thinking of using one layer of
>fleece (a lot better than nothing if you get wet) and a down jacket
>(good for nothing if wet). Of course I use a poly pro or Coolmax, etc
>type first layer.

I've abandoned fleece for a Patagonia Fireball jacket. The Patagonia
Puffballs are also nice. They're both basically the synthetic fill version
of a down jacket. My Fireball is as warm as a Polartec 300 jacket, but is
lighter and compresses down to a tiny package compared to a fleece jacket.
The Fireball has a very water-resistant fabric that's good for anything
short of a real downpour, and the synthetic fill (Polarguard HV) will dry
in no time at all compared to down.

Michael Connick

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