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Re: [at-l] Death of a thru-hiker

"Thomas N. Vanveen Jr" wrote:
> Actually, from what I gather he was experienced and was with a group
> that was familiar with the river. He's actually the first kayaker to
> die. (The post states it as the first experienced white-water boater to
> die). He was swept into a section they didn't intend to run.

If you follow the death threads on rec.boats.paddle, the "experienced" kayakers
are dying off at a rate of about 4 a year. They often die running something that
was "just off the line" from a safe run, or doing something that they have done
"dozens of times before," or some other non-excuse.

These guys' deaths are often written off because they "died doing something they
loved." Even worse, many of them are being made heros for their foolishness, and
young people are believing that they too can "run that 20 foot waterfall in an
open canoe," so we will see more unnecessary deaths by experienced paddlers in
the years to come.

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