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Re: [at-l] Re: ATML Cross posting

>In my view, we ought to be disseminating our thoughts, views, hopes, fears,
>and dreams as widely as possible.  We should be sharing ideas without
>barriers.  I am truly sorry if there are rivalries between ATML and AT-L.  I
>want no part of it.  It's a shame.  But building walls by prohibitting
>members of one list from cross-posting to another list is unfortunate imho.

Lucian, unfortuantely, I think you my reflect some more on your comment.

The first thing is on the internet there are numerous forums and they
can set up rules for their administration. Afterall, you are using the
forum sponsor's

Regarding this matter, some forum sponsor's desire to maintain a thread on
their forum. This does have certain advantages to members of that forum. Other
forums do not.

If all a forum sponsor is requesting to please do not cross post in the same
msg. and that is all that is requested. you can post your msg to another
forum but to maintain the tread, the forum sponsor only requests that you
send a separate msg, that is not too hard.

just resend the msg and change the header to block.

If that all the forum sponser is requesting for use of their server, that's
note really that unreasonable.


about rivalies.

seek those forums that met your temperment. a rivalry takes too parties.

just go on the trail and be solo if needed..

allow the electrons just to vanish, enjoy the forums, and allow the forum
sponser to set their forum rules. afterall it's their private equipment that
we happen to be using.

ignor rivaly, who is rating who. Just enjoy life to the fullest, look for
beauty, share your thoughts, just enjoy the campfire.. but yea sometimes
we do throw in a log... OK..

marshmellow fight :)

be well, just cross over that stream, we need no patches of rivalry. the
trail will never know it and we can use our energies for teaching and
enjoying life to the fullest..

Tom Bear Bells Caggiano

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