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[at-l] Re: Crossposting

I don't think that anyone wishes to hinder the dissemination of
information on hiking.

It is not an attempt at censorship.

The software at ATML is different than at-l: If you cross post to
ATML, *your* action results in hindrance of dissemination, as
some people will not receive their digest for the day.

It also causes bounces and many other chores for the list admin;
someone who has his hands quite full otherwise, and simply asks
us that it not be done, in order that he can be left to
disseminating information to hikers, not cleaning up files and
manually doing tasks which would otherwise be automatically taken
care of.

We had a discussion along these lines in the spring: The crux of
the matter came down to the fact that although we are freely
exchanging information and views, we are doing so *via the
property and good will of others* (the list admins), and should
simply comply with the guidelines that they ask us observe. It's
really very simple to think of it like this - We are guests in
their house, and should behave in the manner they ask.

I don't think you have to be worried about being removed from
these forums, so long as you are willing to follow the guidelines
set forth by the list admins.

Flamelessly, but hoping to inform :-) -

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