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Re: [at-l] Rainbow Springs Campground

In a message dated 12/12/98 12:33:15 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
wb4pan@mindspring.com writes:

> I might even possibly consider camping
>  there.  Generally I prefer my own quite comfortable camp. 

That's what I did on my visit to Rainbow Springs, I tented.  I happened to
enjoy my brief stay and took care of all my neccesary needs.  I also found
Jensine and Buddy most helpful.  I had a mail drop in Franklin and Jensine
called the Post Office with a list of thru-hikers and Kathy from the PO
delivered them.  They had a good selection of hiker foods and supplies.
Although, a few cents higher than a super market, I understood that they
didn't buy in volume and was happy to buy a few things and spread the wealth
so to speak.

However, I did find the bunk house somewhat unkept, but you know what, it
doesn't take too many minutes to help out and tidy up.  Many hostels work on
the same premise, it's a given.  Same should go for shelters, I don't know how
many times I packed out trash left behind by inconsiderate hikers.

Attitude goes a long way, a cheery demeanor can help make an unpleasant
situation  or person, easier to handle, and along the Trail it makes "things"
that much more tolerable.

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