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Re: [at-l] KC's Dates for Shelters/Mileage/Mail drops

In a message dated 12/11/98 10:40:28 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
jrowen@ibm.net writes:

> If you do
>  Mahoosuc Notch as a short day, it is playtime.

I wanted no part of big mileage in Maine, after all it's the end of an
incredible journey and I was determined to slow it down.   I think 16 was my
biggest day and that's only because I had a food drop (thanks to a hiker
buddy) in the middle of the wilderness.  One of my shortest days, although by
no means easy, was from Full Gooses Shelter to Speck Pond Campsite, just over
five miles, through the Notch (a leisurely two hours) and up Mahoosuc Arm.

Plenty of playtime at the pond, which is an absolutely beautiful site!

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