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Re: [at-l] Rainbow Springs Campground

Hi Gang,

	I stopped in RSC this spring. The notes posted everywhere are quite
hilarious or perhaps ridiculous. It was not to far from the trail and I
was able to purchase a few candy bars, compressed gas, take a shower and
wash out some socks. After I ate one of their pizza's and a few other
goodies I moved on to the woods where I belonged. 
	As a result of this unscheduled stop and the supplies left over from my
Blue Berry Hostel package I was able to skip my P.O. drop in Franklin.
Like Jim said; have fun making a schedule, then throw it away the first
	Would I stop there again? Yup if the notion struck me I would stop in
for a cleaning or a few supplies. I might even possibly consider camping
there.  Generally I prefer my own quite comfortable camp. 


Charles W. Davidson (WB4PAN)
Axton, Virginia
AOL Instant Messenger Name: wb4pan
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