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[at-l] From Wilderness to Mountain

Title: "Sweeter Rain" a
From Wilderness to Mountain
Life is always composed of those experiences and encounters which provide both challenge to one's character and the testing of one's spirit.
To be sure, life is not only composed of experiences and encounters; it is also composed of question marks.  In every life there are always questions which ought to be asked and which demands an answer. 
The first question of life is always:  "Who am I?" and the second question is like it, "What am I living for?"  However, when life has been lived to a level of maturity, when one's experiences and encounters have led to some ups and downs, some joy and some sadness,... there is yet another question that everyone must ask:  "How did I get where I am which is so far from where I am supposed to be?"
I may as well tell you, there are only three kinds of people in the world: 
those who are in the wilderness,
    those who have just come out of the wilderness,
        and those who are headed into the wilderness.
In the midst of that wilderness experience, God...sent his angel to feed Elijah.  "You don't have enough for your journey?"
"What journey?  I'm through.  I'm all washed up."
"You're not through yet, Elijah."
"I'm going to send you from where you are to where I want you to be.  I'm going to send you from the molehill to the mountain...I'm going to send you from the wilderness to the mountain."
In the wilderness there is weakness, but on the mountain there is strength.  In the wilderness there is loneliness, but on the mountain there is companionship.  In the wilderness there is despair, but on the mountain there is hope.
1 Kings 19

"A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities."


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