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Re: [at-l] DRINK ME

>The good news....
>RenMan wrote:>dehydrated WHOLE milk.
>Halleleja!!!!!  And this comes a severe milkaholic...
>one that was ready to cyber-mug 'Got Milk?' for his name
>The bad news.....
>I'm about as far away from an asian market as you can get!!
>Details!!!!  RenMan......Details
>If I have to try and order this stuff , I need all the info I can get.
>so turn over that packet of white stuff and read to me what I need
>to know.  Who makes it....who distributes it and any code numbers
>ya can spot!  Please.pretty pretty puuleeeze?????
>Hey....white stuff....hmmm.
>Announcing my new career.....move over Kurt!
>Kahley's gonna be an andrepreneur (spelling intentional) ;^).
>First I'll cruise the trailheads and give the stuff away,,,,,then
>when every hiker gets hooked on the 'real stuff'......hehehehehe......
>new gear..here I come!!!   k./\.....the 'whole milk' pusher.
>> (to be read quickly, like a Carney pitchman)
>> Laaaadies and Gentlemen,
>> Step right up, step right up, for the Hiker Food-Find of the day!!!
>> Is your fat intake getting a little low?
>> Do you crave Cottage cheese and Ben and Gerry's at every town stop?
>> Do you want to give up cooked breakfasts but can't stand the thought of
>> eating any more cereal made with dehydrated milk 'cause it tastes like
>> pee?
>> Well, if you answered
>> "Yes it is"
>> "Of course, you moron"    and
>> "Who told you I drink cat pee!"
>> Then have I got good news for you.
>> Just hop on down to your area ethnic grocery store ( I found it at an
>> market) and pick up a can of Nestle Lido, dehydrated WHOLE milk.
>> Yes, you heard me right, its the WHOLE thing, all it's missing is the
>> and if your boots are leather, you've got that covered!
>> (go away lactose intolerant kid, ya bother me)
>> Ladies and gentelmen, and hikers, too, this stuff is delicious and
>> 26%, count it, TWENTY-SIX PERCENT milk fat! One ounce of this udderly
>> magical elixir contains 150 calories, 80 just from the fat!!!!!!!
>> Made in Mexico by those Latin Lovers of Leche, this stuff is distributed
>> the U.S. by Nestle, and if they know milk chocolate, the've gotta know
>> milk!!!!
>> "Mmmmmmmm, tastes Great!"
>> this message brought to you by RenMan.
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