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[at-l] TA-DAH! HIKERS ANON. #97-100!

You wonderful people have DONE IT!!  We've reached #100.  Here's
#97-#100 to add to the last complete list I sent out.  If you want
all 100 together, let me know and I'll send them off-list, along
with the Official Song, etc.  Let's hear some applause for all our
creative folks!!!  --  Earthworm

97) If your feet get upset when they have to wear " regular" footwear!
(instead of hiking boots)

98) When you think Y2K is a improved YKK zipper.  Making you wonder what
the year 2000 fuss is all about.

99)  If you pass milk cows grazing in a field and wonder if you could
figure out how to milk one, it's been so long since you've had fresh

100) If you're in the Japanese food section sniffing packs of SailorMoon
Noodles, wondering exactly what's in the 'Triple Dragon Sunrise' flavor.

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