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[at-l] DRINK ME

(to be read quickly, like a Carney pitchman)

Laaaadies and Gentlemen,

Step right up, step right up, for the Hiker Food-Find of the day!!!

Is your fat intake getting a little low?
Do you crave Cottage cheese and Ben and Gerry's at every town stop?
Do you want to give up cooked breakfasts but can't stand the thought of
eating any more cereal made with dehydrated milk 'cause it tastes like cat

Well, if you answered
"Yes it is"
"Of course, you moron"    and
"Who told you I drink cat pee!"

Then have I got good news for you.

Just hop on down to your area ethnic grocery store ( I found it at an Asian
market) and pick up a can of Nestle Lido, dehydrated WHOLE milk.
Yes, you heard me right, its the WHOLE thing, all it's missing is the cow,
and if your boots are leather, you've got that covered!

(go away lactose intolerant kid, ya bother me)

Ladies and gentelmen, and hikers, too, this stuff is delicious and contains
26%, count it, TWENTY-SIX PERCENT milk fat! One ounce of this udderly
magical elixir contains 150 calories, 80 just from the fat!!!!!!!

Made in Mexico by those Latin Lovers of Leche, this stuff is distributed in
the U.S. by Nestle, and if they know milk chocolate, the've gotta know

"Mmmmmmmm, tastes Great!"

this message brought to you by RenMan.

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