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Re: [at-l] Hand hygeine was HAA, I just couldn't resist!

Ren Man Here.

Hi all.

First, thanks to everyone who sent mail welcoming me to the list. I'm really
enjoying the camaraderie of the folks here. It's an excellent reflection of
the easy-going, accept-you-as-you-are mentality that I enjoyed finding
within the trail community. I also dig the humor expressed on this list
every other post.

My thoughts on Purell: I found the 1/2 ounce bottles at a drug store in the
trail-sized ( I mean, trial-sized) section and bought one for every
maildrop. I keep it in with my TP. It is an excellent hand sanitizer ( I
don't think I'd use it on my cook pot, boiling works just fine there). You
use only a small dollop and it kills everything then evaporates quickly, as
it's basically just rubbing alcohol in gel form. The pump is unnecessary
because the cap on these little bottles never opened on it's own.

That's my 2 cents.

--Renaissance Man

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