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[at-l] Re: P.O. Distances from the Trail

Hi Lucien,

The only problem I see with listing the PO distances from the trail is that
since you haven't hiked the trail yet the you haven't learned that the
distances don't always mean that much.

Here are a few examples of what I mean:

The PO in Hampton TN may be 2.6 miles from the trail, but Kincora Hostel is
only 0.2 and they give daily shuttle rides to the PO so it's not really a
big issue.

Another place is Waynesboro - yes, it's a long way but it was an incredibly
easy hitch - actually I didn't hitch at all, just sat at the road crossing
and when another hiker got dropped off the driver offered to take me to
town since he was going back there.

Gorham - 3.6 miles but there was a phone at a place right on the trail
where you could call either the Barn or Hikers Paradise to pick you up and
bring you to town (free if you were staying there) so that distance doesn't

Monson - 3 miles, but Mr. Shaw comes and looks for hikers each afternoon
and there's a parking lot at the road where you can usually catch a ride.

And these are just SOME examples.  About half of the places aren't as
difficult as the mileage would make them seem.  So my point is don't let
the distance to the PO from the trail be your only deciding factor.  That's
where WF's book and statistics come in very handy.


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