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Re: Soldier Cindi? was Re[2]: [at-l] hiker anon

Thomas McGinnis writes:
>      Cindi! You going back in to those folks who always hike in GREEN, and 
>      can only rest WHEN ORDERED TO? What life for a hiker is that?

Now, now, now - it's not as bad as all that! And it's not like I'm going
back into the Infantry, either!  It's an indoorsy type of thing
(CommRsch), which kinda sucks, *but* I'll finally have enough money to
support my hiking habit! Gear buying???  You ain't seen nothin' yet,
baby!  Not to mention, I get to save all my "hikingness" for my own time.

Take care,

Cindi Prudhomme
Carleton University
Ottawa, ON
Email address: cprudhom@chat.carleton.ca
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