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Re: [at-l] KC's Dates for Shelters/Mileage/Mail drops

<< Rainbow Lean-To 13.930 Hurd Brook Lean-To 11.531 Katahdin
 > Campground 13.9 Sept 1 Summit Katahdin !!!!!!!!!!!!!Sept 2 Turn around
 > and hike back to Springer? >>
My favorite part of  the AT :O)
Skipping Daicy Pond? Not a bad idea. The AT shelters are on the edge of a
field behind the campground, not quite the 4star location the end of the trail
should offer. Don't miss the campground library, though, with the famous
National Geographic AT issue under plexiglass. The view of Katahdin from the
back porch, framed above the pond as you sit in comfy old rockers is well
worth the visit. Katahdin Stream Campground beats Daicy hands down--- ask for
for last lean-to ( #11?) "Turn around"? lol.. you might as well, cuz coming
down the AT after Baxter Peak starts your southbound thru!
take care
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