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[at-l] YKK bug

With all this talk about the y2k bug, we as hikers, should
all be ashamed of ourselves for neglecting the far more 
important "YKK" bug.  As you should all know virtually 
every zipper on any piece ofequipment or clothing you own
is of the "YKK" type.  At the start of the new millennium,
all these zippers may fail, thus rendering all packs,
sleeping bags, tents, and bivy sacks useless!  Think of it!
Hikers suddenly stopping in the middle of the trail with
all their stuff falling out of their packs.  Sleeping bags
and tents bursting open, spewing out startled sleeping
hikers!  Oh, the humanity!

And you are all worried about a silly computer bug.
So.... if you send me $100 with your name and address,
bank account number, debit card number and password
and heck, why not your social security number as well,
I will fix all applicable 'YKK" problems you may potentially
have.  And you don't even have to send me your stuff!
No shipping charges!!!

No need to thank me.....

Just doing my part for the hiking community....

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