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Re: [at-l] KC's Dates for Shelters/Mileage/Mail drops

>through the Whites per all journals that I have read. Well??? what do 
>ya'all think? KC

Just a few words of advice:

First, the minor stuff..I noticed you are scheduled to stay at some huts
in the Whites. If this is a planned work for stay, do not count on it. 
Make a work for stay a nice bonus, but always have a backup plan because
the huts only allow two thru-hikers at a time working their stay off.
Lake of the Clouds is the exception, allowing four.  It would be hard to
hump a pack all day, only to find out there is no room at the inn. BEst
thing to do is get at the hut early, this way if they can not accomodate
you, it will not be too bad moving on to another campsite. 

Now the important stuff. Do not stick to a schedule. Use the schedule
only as a rough guide. You might want to stay ar Rusty's for a day or two
(or three or four or five! :D  ), maybe you will find a killer campsite
that just can't be passed up. The important thing to realise is that by
the first week, your schedule is going out the window. Enjoy yourself,
and do not worry about sticking to closely to your plan.  If it is a
choice between taking a short day so as to go swimming, or hoofing it so
you can get into town on the day you are scheduled,  I hope the swimming
hole wins out.

Just a little ole advice. Take it for what it is worth..but since it is
free..guess it ain't worth too much. ;-)

-Paul, Mags, Magaroni, Mr. Magnanti, Hey You!

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