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RE: [at-l] KC's Dates for Shelters/Mileage/Mail drops

25 Fontana Dam 5.5 Mail Drop
26 Day Off
27 Mollies Ridge Sh 11.6 
     Go to Spence field if you can make it
28 Derrick Knob Sh 11.4 
    Got to Silers Bald if you can make it 
29 Mt Collins Sh 13.5 
    Go to Icewater Springs if you can make it 
30 Pecks Corner Sh 14.9 
    Pecks is 0.4 miles BIGTIME DOWNHILL from the trail, go to Tricorner or Cosby instead! Tricorner you should make easy, Cosby is a real stretch.
31 Cosby Knob Sh 12.9