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RE: [at-l] Y2K

> Actually, UNIX (at least the flavors I've worked with) doesn't store the
> date as any kind of MM/DD/YY format.  It actually stores date and time as
> the number of seconds that have elapsed since some date in the
> 60's.  While
> this sounds bizarre, it'll work fine for a *very* long time, and
> is actually
> very memory efficient.  It just means that any time you need to
> get the date
> from the system, it gives you this huge number.  You then have to
> pass that
> number to a routine that converts it to a more user-friendly format.

You want to try that again? I will leave it as an exercise for you to figure
out when "a very long time" comes to UNIX. Hint: its not very long....

Lee I Joe

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