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Re: [at-l] Thruhiking - Learning about it

Absolutely!!!  I know there are new people on the list who _must_
have questions.  Please don't let our silliness put you off from asking
them.  Many of us are, by nature nuts, and we feed off each other with
great results.  But we still love to talk trail on any level!  Ask away! k./\

>      Yes Sir! and Well Put!
>      Take this as an invitation, gang!
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> Subject: [at-l] Thruhiking - Learning about it
> Author:  Owen <jrowen@ibm.net> at ima
> Date:    12/9/98 11:14 PM
> And then there are the email lists and forums. If you're a future
> thruhiker, I'd advise caution with respect to what you get from them.
> There's a lot of valuable information - but there's also some nonsense.
> I think one fault with the lists lies in the attitude that such things
> as cell phones, speed records, bear canisters or other political Trail
> "issues" have any real importance or relevance to those who are
> thruhiking. Those "issues" may be good "armchair discussions", but
> they're essentially irrelevant to the trail.  And the forums generally
> have a "resident population" who use the forum as a personal
> communication medium. That can also be true of some lists.  There's
> nothing wrong with that, but it can sometimes be hard for newcomers to
> break into the "conversation" and get real information.
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