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Re: [at-l] Thru-hiking in 2000 AD: Survival?

I forgot to mention as part of the inspection -- you do NOT get your pack back
after the certification process.  An extra $75 (plus shipping and handling
charges) is required to get your pack sent back to you.  Hope this hasn't confused

Voodoo Chile
Y2K Pack Inspection Specialist

> In a message dated 12/10/98 4:39:19 AM, you wrote:
> <<You will receive a certificate if your
> pack is Y2K compliant; if your pack does not pass my srtingent tests, I will
> provide a checklist of problem areas that need to be addressed.  For this
> service, please send your pack, along with $50 (cash or cashier's check) to:>>

>  Maybe I could give the inspection as a Christmas gift to
> hiking friends. Oh boy!

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