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[at-l] Hey new Listers! Welcome to the Campfire! was Y2K Survival?

     Woodelf recently likened this list to a campfire conversation, where 
     everything is topical, and even the widest ranging conversation comes 
     back home (eventually) to the AT. "That Other List" has a more 
     regulated tone, to participants' loss, think many here.
     In any event, I would further liken this list to being the campfire, 
     itself. The current and the more/longer subscribed members are like 
     that quietly burning, steadily combusting, maybe somewhat burned out 
     wood at the middle of the fire, and the fire eventually starts to see 
     its output decline as the ready fuel is consumed. Then along come some 
     new members, who not only have some things to say for themselves, but 
     also serve to knock some of the ash off the older members, and spark 
     them back to life.
     Thanks, then, for not only becoming part of the conversation, but for 
     sparking output from some members we haven't heard from! 
     Lastly, I always thought Clevis was Clamydia's brother.
     Recent list joiner.
     Loves to make Ash of Himself in Any Public Forum.

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Subject: Re: [at-l] Thru-hiking in 2000 AD: Survival?
Author:  Jennifer Delia Sawyer <jdsawyer@bu.edu> at ima
Date:    12/10/98 12:44 AM

At 06:56 PM 12/9/98 -0500, Bruce Waldrop wrote:
> clevis pins (I love that word -- clevis)

Dare I ask???  

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