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Re: [at-l] Thru-hiking in 2000 AD: Survival?

I don't see Y2K as a problem, even if, by some crazy chance, the PO's go down.
Thanks to this list, you could probably just send mail drops to friends from
here all up and down the Trail.  If the banks haven't figured it out (figure
THOSE odds, they might lose money <g>) then lots of travelers checks would be
in order.  Or join a bank thats nationwide.  In reality, tv (tvanveen) speaks
the truth. No one really knows what will happen.  Most important institutions
(the banks, the gov't, ecucational institutions, etc) are well aware of the
problem and are taking steps.  It really is just a programming thing.  And
while it may drive programmers crazy from now til then - how many businesses
do you know who are willing to lose track of money?  They will be compliant by
Y2K.  Even small businesses with less resources will probably be compliant by
then.  It's a long ways off - everyone knows about it.  And everyone it
affects, probably including AOL and other popular internet recourses, will fix
it before then.  Because not fixing it means loss of revenue.  So - how will
Y2K affect a thru hike?  Not much, I would venture to guess.  Unless we're
lucky enough to have a few gear manufactures lose their price list <vbg>

The Redhead
Ga > Me  00
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