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Re: [at-l] Thru-hiking in 2000 AD: Survival?

Hey Voodo Chile, If you get a backlog on this y2k checking offer, let me
know and I will help.  
Bidh an aois 's a' cheilg a' ceannsachadh na h-oige 's na teomachd.
{Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill}

>Seeing that there is great concern about the Y2K problem and the AT, I 
>to offer my services to fellow hikers/backpackers/etc.  For $50, I 
>will check to
>see if your backpack is Y2K compliant.  A thorough inspection will be 
>done on
>zippers, collars, hipbelts, clips, clevis pins (I love that word -- 
>clevis), and
>various other components of your pack.  You will receive a certificate 
>if your
>pack is Y2K compliant; if your pack does not pass my srtingent tests, 
>I will
>provide a checklist of problem areas that need to be addressed.  For 
>service, please send your pack, along with $50 (cash or cashier's 
>check) to:
>Voodoo Chile
>Y2K Pack Inspection Specialist
>1999 1/2 Clevis Way
>Lexington, KY  40517

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