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I am so discouraged!  Just got back from PT where I was told that there
was no point in continuing as my knee is only getting worse.  There is
more edema and pain than before despite no hiking!  Orangebug, Sharon,
Iceman and others have been great with support and information.!  I
realize that it is complicated because of the brain surgery (AVM) last
year.  That has thrown off my center of gravity etc. etc.  I keep trying
to get other referrals, no appointments for a long time.  Any
suggestions?  I have licked alot of other problems, medical and
otherwise, and am sure there is a solution to this one .Right now it
feels kind of bleak!  I just want to go and sit on top of Springer or
Blood or Blue or any mountain on the trail and think and I can't hike
there, not even slack pack.  But where there is a will there is a way!
Sixteen months ago after my surgery I couldn't walk unassisted.....and a
couple of months ago I hiked over 100 miles on a section hike.  I had
been doing 2 to 4 day hikes several times a month and just living for
them!  Trying to believe that anything is possible!  Trying to hang on
and dream.......Linda from Atlanta  P.S.  BTW, there is a nice mountain
hiking picture (Alaska) on the Caribou Coffee house walls here in
Atlanta area. If anyone from here wants to meet sometime and have coffee
with me, pretend we are up there on top, feel free to e-mail me!

Though we exist as separate species,
our fates are connected universally.



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