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[at-l] Mustbuy Sally

>Straight from my adjacent Yamaha PSR 510 keyboard. Think funky
>keyboard with some insitu sax here...wearing my sunglasses in front 

I do not know _how_ I missed this!!!
Datto you are a genius!
Are you sure you can't make it to the RUCK?
If you come.....I'll sign back up <<VVBG>>

Errrr...ahhhhh....only if I get some help!

Choovers?  Navigator? Amy? Twilight?

We could be the Dattettes! k./\
BTW....if anyone has written me in the
past two days, my ISP is having mail server
troubles YET AGAIN!!!  They promise everything
will show up sooner or later so if you expected
a quick answer please resend.  thanx

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