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Re: [at-l] Thru-hiking in 2000 AD: Survival?

Y2K Problem:

Let me clear up some of the confusion which most people have about the year
2000 problem.  First it's a software bug which may or may not have effects
on our physical world.  In most cases, you will not be effected.  Reason --
"most" major companies have already upgraded their software.  The media just
loves to talk about it for show ratings.

Here's part of the problem... for some time now people have been using dates
in the following format mm/dd/yy (notice the 2 digit year).  The better way
to handle this would have been mm/dd/yyyy (notice 4 digit year).  But, for
some programs there is a VERY EASY way to solve this problem.

For the mm/dd/yy format:
     if yy > 50 then assume 1900's
     if yy < or = 50 then assume 2000's

This simple little bit of code will usually work for most simple programs
including some of the CGI/Perl Web scripts I am currently writing for the
Web.  But what happens in 2050?  Personally, I don't care because by that
time my programs will have been out-dated and upgraded to new and better

But, then again, maybe the AT will cease to function!?!?!  At worst your
billing from some companies may get messed up.  I SERIOUSLY dough you'll
lose any major utilities.  I just wonder how the stock market will react?

Happy Hiking,
Jeff Walters

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