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[at-l] Tempest pack by Kelty

Does anyone have any experience with the Tempest backpack by Kelty?

I am looking for a summer pack. This pack is advertized as "heavy duty,"
with 2900 cu in and weighs in at 2 pounds 6 oz. It is a top loader, has
two side pockets suitable for water bottles, compression straps and a
daisy chain of lash points down the middle. These tie on points remind me
of those I've seen on climbing packs, only these are not as strong. The
web is about 3/4 inch wide. There are two plastic pieces sewn on the
bottom for inserting straps. I guess these would attach a sleeping bag. 

I have no idea how Kelty defines "heavy duty." Will smaller Kelty packs
stand up under extend use carrying loads around 25 pounds? Jumbo Sports
has these for $79.99 but I hate to ask Santa to bring one by if these
wont last for a good long while. 
  thx,  Hopeful

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