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Re: [at-l] Thru-hiking in 2000 AD: Survival?

Alice Kauzlarich wrote:
> I do believe there will be a problem starting at trying to use the ATM
> machines to get some cash.
> Since the restaurants won't be able to cook you up something, I'd look into
> wild foods that are eatible.
> The post office will be disabled since they use computers.
> Otherwise,  happy hiking!
>  The Highlander

Please state where you have received your information, or how you came
to these conclusions. Blanket generalizations such as 'the post office
will be disabled' and 'restaurants won't be able to cook' are rather

My own opinion is that no one has *any* idea of what will happen. There
are dozens of important industries with hundreds of interconnected
companies, and no one has reliable information on more than a small
percentage of any of them. Since no one can be sure, it may be a smart
idea to make some preparations in case the power goes out in January, or
you can't withdraw any money from your bank for a few weeks, etc. 

As far as it relates to thru-hiking - most problems, if they occur, will
occur in January. There probably won't be too many thru-hikers out at
that time. Hikers starting later will, hopefully, be aware of any
problems and factor them into their preparations.

Tom Van Veen
Administrative Computer Center
University of Maryland
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