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[at-l] Forest fire in Alabama

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Sad news for the Alabama outdoorsy folks...our beloved Cheaha Wilderness is on fire thanks to a cruel arsonist.  On Friday, someone walked into the wilderness and started fires as they walked up the mountain.  I can not imagine the sick mind that would do this kind of thing.  There are fire fighters here from all over but the fire is still raging.  The weather is hot(high 70s) and very dry so that doesn't help any.  We are hoping for rain this evening.  So far over 1000 acres have burned and Cheaha Wilderness is only 3 or 4 thousand acres.  

I went up there to hike yesterday and was in shock when I saw the "Trail Closed due to Wildfire" signs and learned of the arson involved.  From one vantage point it looked like two whole mountains were on fire.

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