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RE: [at-l] I've got it bad...

Given my body dimensions, it is very hard for me to find bicycles that 
"fit" properly.  The road bike I have now, though old, is better than 
most I've tried in the last few years so I don't want to ruin it with 
the salt from the road.  Also, the bicycle path I use is not plowed in 
the winter and the traffic around here makes riding on snow covered 
streets a bit too dangerous for my taste.  I don't own a bike with which 
I can use fat tires.

Other than that, I would keep riding.  The cold hasn't bothered me yet 
though it has only gotten down to around freezing so far.

As for my ride, I generally don't ride unless I've got a good distance 
to go - usually a minimum of 10 miles or so.  My commute is 12 miles 
each way and generally takes from 35 minutes in the warmer weather to 50 
minutes when it's colder.  So far, it's been fun.  :-)

Sleet's in the forecase for tonight but it doesn't sounds like it will 
amount to much...


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>> Normally, as an avid winter hiker, I would join Kahley in her lament 
>> seasonal weather.  This year, I've got two good reasons to want the 
>> weather.  I won't ride my bicycle after they've salted for snow and 
>> (and I really hate commuting by car).  Also, parking in Cambridge is 
>> enough when the weather is good.  It'll be horrid after it snows.
>Why not? I rode my bike to work all winter in North Dakota, even at -20
>degrees. I won't pretend it was fun, but at only four miles it didn't 
>begin before it was over.
>Lee I Joe

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