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[at-l] HAA

Coming out of the closet to add a couple more to the list....

While on non-hiking trips, the first thing you do after checking into a
motel/hotel is check the yellow pages for outfitters.

You have to explain to your traveling partner why all of the short cuts and
scenic routes you take seem to go past at least one outfitter.

You sit down to plan the family vacation and your wife says with full
support of the rest of the family, "The vacation this year will NOT include
backpacking, hiking, walking in the woods, having lunch by a secluded
waterfall, watching the sunset from the best viewpoint in the mountains. 
In fact, if we even suspect that you are going to trick us again, the only
mountain you're going to see is Space Mountain!"  With the threat of Disney
hanging over your head you are a beat person and give in to anything they

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