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Re: [at-l] Sleeping Bag for Tossing & Turning

>Some companies, Feathered Friends and Integral Designs come to mind, are
>happy to make "wide" versions of their bags.  A wider bag weighs more, but
>may allow you to turn easily INSIDE the bag.  If you would rather turn WITH
>the bag, I suspect they would be happy to make one with equal fill on the
>top and bottom.

i also suggest trying out mountain hardwear bags they are very roomy. try
them out in a store you might love it..... i have own one from the dimension
line-polar guard 3d and i have sleep in it quite alot since i got it ... (it
is new however and a alot  more comfy then my bed if i leave my windows open
during a chilly night). i dont know if you want to go down or not but i was
allergic to it so i dont want to reiritate it. i was at first not sure about
my allergy but i looked up in my medical history and i was as child so i
stay away from it.  good luck

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