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Re: [at-l] No pack cover

Tim Hewitt wrote:
> woodelf@juno.com (a woodelf) at ima wrote:
> > Hi Kiddies,
> > I've been following the pack cover thread. And thought I'd mention that a
> > couple of garbage bags on the inside can save a lot of weight. Haven't
> > use a cover in years, used to use garbage bag covers but they didn't last
> > very long, so I put they inside. My down bag is in small garbage bag
> > inside it's stuff sack and everything else is inside one or two bags
> > inside the pack. I sometimes put the things unlikely to be needed during
> > the day in one and the other stuff in another. Some times it all goes in
> > one, you can double bag if you're worried about them ripping. It's almost
> > as easy to get to as opening your pack and keeps everything dry, no
> > matter how hard it rains. Spare bags weigh almost nothing.
> I guess that makes me a "belt and suspeders" kind of guy. I use both
> waterproof bags inside for anything that I care about getting wet, and a
> pack cover to keep my pack from filling up with water.
> The bags I use inside are OR stuffsacks meant for paddlers. The tops
> have a roll closure that will keep all casual water out. The bags are
> very tough and won't tear wile being tossed around packing and unpacking
> day after day. The pack cover is a coated nylon cover with a combination
> elastic and drawstring closure.
> I do this because on one cold, late fall day, after hiking in the rain
> for 10 hours, I set up my tent, dragged my pack inside, and promptly
> dumped 3-4 cups of accumulated water inside my once dry tent while
> unpacking my pack.
> It turned out on this trip that the rain - mostly coming sideways -
> drove itself right in through a flap-covered opening and my "waterproof"
> pack bag didn't let it drain anywhere.  What a pain! None of my gear was
> wet (belt and suspenders now remember), but the last thing I needed at
> that time was a tent full of water!
> As usual, YMMV.
> -Paddler (98 days and counting)
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Paddler, one problem, those bags are HEAVY. After a while on the trail,
you may prefer something lighter.

* From the Appalachian Trail Mailing List |  http://www.backcountry.net  *