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Re: [at-l] I've had enough

kahley7 wrote:
> If I have an animal spirit, it must be the bear. With the shorter days,
> all I want to do is eat high fat, high sugar foods and sleep till
> spring.
> I fight these desires until January when even the teensiest increase in
> daylight restores my energy.  So it's not unusual for me to drag myself
> to the trail with hopes the wonders of the woods and the wild can
> rejuvinate my lagging spirits.

aaahhhh, i'm with you kahley.  i blame it on my swedish ancestors - all
those generations of people stuck inside from the freezing cold and days
w/ no sun have created my winter desire to just sleep and sleep and
sleep....  It feels like winter in california outside ( im in maryland )
and thats also a dead air feeling time, no lively spring, no crisp air,
just  balmy temps and no major impetus to do anything about it!  

I look at my kayak sitting out back, my boots and lekis in the corner,
think " hey, what a great day to go out and do something", then next
thing I know I'm sound asleep on the couch curled up w/ the dog! 
aaarrrggghhhh!!!  maybe i need vitamins....



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